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Welcome to Vaporizers.ca, Vaporizer specialists since 2005 shipping from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
We stock major brands like Arizer, Magic Flight, Vapir, Storz, Haze, VapeXhale, Vapium   
Vaporizers.ca is a family run business dedicated to spreading the word about vaporization.
We offer a large selection of high quality aromatherapy vaporizers.
Looking to make the switch to vapor? Then you are in the right place; our online store makes your online shopping experience easy. Whether it is a desktop vaporizer, portable vaporizer, oil vaporizer or vaporizer pen, direct flow or bag, we have it in stock.

There are a large number of good aromatherapy vaporizers like the Arizer Air and Solo, Crafty, Extreme Q, Haze, Magic Flight Launch Box, Mighty, Utillian 720, VapeXhale, Vapir NO2 & Prima, VapirRise 2.0, Vapium, Volcano and more. If you aren't sure which to buy, we are here to help you make the right decision: simply give us a call at 866-358-2767 or email us at sales@vaporizers.ca. We will do our best to find the ideal vaporizer for you.