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We have three sections for our vaporizer reviews: portable, desktop and oil / concentrates. Our primary focus has been and always will be herbal vaporizers that are used with dry herbs.

Virtually all our vaporizers have manual or digital temperature control. Vaporizers with temperature control can be used with hundreds of plants and herbs, they also don't get hot enough to combust when used properly. We consider temp control the most important feature for a true vaporizer. Our goal is to offer vaporizers that can be used effectively and safely.

Portable vaporizers are for when you are on the go, smaller vaporizers that run on batteries. Portable vaporizers are the most popular category since they can be used in all locations where as desktops are limited to plug in. While portables may lack certain features like fans and bag filling, they make up for with freedom. Portable vaporizers have improved a lot over the years, you can now get a high end portable vaporizer experience at reasonable prices.

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Desktop Vaporizers are the best vaporizers on the market, they only have one con and that is they plug into the wall and are more bulky. They more than make up for that with their larger chambers, more vapor, extra features like bag filling and overall long term reliability. We recommend that all medical users and serious vapor users have at least one desktop vaporizers in the place where they vaporize most.

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While we do offer oil and concentrate vaporizers, our review efforts will be focused on plants and herbs. Oil and concentrates are effective but are also more powerful. We recommend clients primarily use herbs and then use oils / concentrates on a more occasional basis.

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The Ascent itself is an attractive unit and feels pretty solid. It’s not a stealth unit but is compact and a reasonable size; however, hiding it would be difficult. For us personally, stealth isn’t a very important feature in a vaporizer so that's fine with us. Considering you get a 3 hour battery and a larger sized bowl, we consider that good compensation for it being a bit larger unit than some of the other portables out there. For clients that really need as compact or stealthly as possible check our compact / stealth category on our website.

The display and buttons are really simple, so is loading the bowl. For ease of use, the Ascent does get top marks. We are definitely impressed with its simplicity while still offering good performance. 

Vapor production was solid, for a portable we are happy. We didn't think it tasted great, it merely tasted okay. We actually thought the glass would help more taste wise but it didn't. Since it didn't have the pure glass taste, we'd prefer a non breakable easily replaceable mouthpiece but we do understand there are some users that only want to inhale from glass.

The battery life is very good, 3+ hours, possibly the Ascents best feature. Unless you are using your Ascent excessively, you won't run out of battery between charges.

We can't comment on its reliability yet but we assume after all the delays and 5 months on the market, they have everything figured out at this stage.

Overall, the Ascent was worth the wait for us, it is no question a really good portable vaporizer. Easy to use, reasonable price, good retail kit, solid vapor production and a long lasting battery.

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