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We are located near Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
Vaporizers.ca is a family run business, we started this company to help us spread the word on vaporization and show the world that there is a better way to get the benefits  from plants and essential oils.
It was 2004, we were concerned about the consequences of using combustion to inhale plants and oils. Beyond the strain on the lungs, certain plants had proven to cause  long term health issues when inhaled in smoke form. There had to be a better way, fire was old school, it was time to modernize.
After doing some research, we came across a few vaporizers (aka vapourizers). The designs were somewhat primitive at the time but still effective at cutting out the smoke by heating instead of burning. This method created vapor, aka vapour, a much safer and healthier alternative to smoking. We decided that vaporizers had to be shared with the world. We contacted a few manufactures, bought some inventory and put up a website.
Vaporizers have come a long way since we started selling them in 2004. Their design has evolved and todays technology has provided us with many features and options that make vaporizer truly amazing devices. We are thrilled to have been a part of the evolution of the vaporizer and grateful to have helped thousands of people make the switch to vapor.
At Vaporizers.ca we are directly involved with every part of the online ordering process; we stock our own inventory, pack each order with care and ship orders across Canada and the US from our warehouse. Every order we receive is important to us and our goal is to make each one of our clients happy.
We offer a large selection of good aromatherapy vaporizers like the Arizer Solo and Air, Arizer Extreme Q, Crafty, DaVinci, Haze, Inhalater, Magic Flight, MIGHTY, PUFFiT, Vapir NO2, Vapir Prima, VapirRise, Volcano and more. We are specialists and can help you make the right decision: simply give us a call at 866-358-2767, email us at sales@vaporizers.ca and we will do our best to find the ideal vaporizer for you.

We truly appreciate all of our clients that help make our business successful.

Damon & Stephanie

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