Herbal Vaporizers

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Home Herbal Vaporizers
Home Herbal Vaporizers
All of the below vaporizers can be used with herbs and herbal blends. True herbal vaporizers heat herbs and blends to a controlled temperature that releases the active ingredient but does not combust. This gives you pure vapor without any smoke.

Desktop vaporizers are designed for home use, they are more robust and offer more features like fans and balloon inflation. You can get glass based units like the Extreme Q or VapeXhale EVO. You can also get polymer based desktops like the Herbal Aire and Volcano Classic. Desktops are overall more reliable and can handle heavier use. If you primarily vaporize at home, we highly recommend you get a desktop.

Portable vaporizers are good for on the go or when you are at home and just not near your desktop. They range in price from $50 all the way up to $500. The more you spend, the better the quality and the vapor production. Portables are offered in ultra compact and large size bigger vapor. Ideally, we recommend clients get a desktop and then a portable to back it up.

Desktop Vaporizers:
Value Direct Flow - Deluxe Daddy, V-Tower, Da Buddha
Mid Range Bag and Direct Flow - Extreme Q and Herbal Aire,
High End Direct Flow - The Plenty, SSV Silver Surfer, VapeXhale EVO, Volcano Hybrid
High End Bag - Volcano Classic, Volcano Hybrid

Portable Vaporizers:
Big Vapor - Mighty, Crafty, IQ2, Zeus Arc GT, Boundless CFX, Utillian 722
Burst Vapor - Ghost Vapes MV1, Firefly 2+
Compact - Crafty+, Utillian, ArGo, Miqro
Swappable Batteries - Arizer Air II, ArGo, IQ
Long Lasting Batteries - Solo v1, Solo II
Best for Value - Pulsar APX v2, Utillian 420 / 421, XMAX Starry V3,