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Desktop vaporizers are the original herbal vaporizers.

Vaporizers originally came with glass domes and were made out of wooden boxes. You would inhale through a tube, the temperature control was very basic at best. Overtime the glass domed vaporizers became obsolete while newer better desktops hit the market. The wooden box type vaporizers improved their quality and temp control and you can still find some of those on the market today, like the Daddy Deluxe vaporizer.

The first high end serious desktop vaporizer to hit the market was the Volcano Vaporizer. A very efficient, big bag filling big desktop vaporizer. The Volcano was truly the ultimate vapor experience at the time, nothing else available came even close. The price tag was high but for a medical user or a vapor enthusiast, it is a must buy. Later they would release the Volcano Digit, renaming the original Volcano the Volcano Classic. In 2019, they released the Volcano Hybrid, the first Volcano that supported both Balloon and Direct Flow vaporization.

Years later more affordable mid range desktops would come out. Units like the Herbal Aire, a solid vaporizer from a Canadian company. Or units from Arizer like the V-Tower and Extreme Q. The Arizer units used Glass, ceramic heaters, direct flow and in the case of the Extreme Q a bag filling system. Affordable good desktops were finally available.

The VapeXhale would be the next evolution in direct flow desktop vaporizers. All glass, huge air flow, ultra efficeient, readily available water tools, a vapor enthusiasts must have vaporizer. Finally, a true high end alternative to the Volcano for those that prefer direct inhalation over filling a bag.

Portable vaporizers are a huge focus at this stage but any serious vapor user or medical patient should have a desktop with a portable for when on the go.