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Home Utillian
The Utillian line of vaporizers provide a satisfying vapor experience with reliable units made from high-grade materials. Quality and value are what this manufacturer strives for.

Dry Herb Vaporizers:
Utillian 420 - the original top load value Utillian, replaced by Utillian 421
Utillian 421 - more temp settings, bigger battery and air flow control
Utillian 620 - a smaller version of the 722, better vs the 421 at a mid range price
Utillian 722 - the best Utillian offers, a great top load vaporizer that produces very good vapor at reasonable price

Utillian 8 - a high end e-Rig vaporizer for those that use high quality concentrates
Utillian 5 - a powerful well made wax vaporizer, one of the best available while still under $100 Canadian. Easy to use, good atomizers, powerful battery
Utillian 2 - the budget wax Utillian. gets the job done at a price you can easily afford