Utillian 8 eRig Wax Vaporizer (taxes extra)


Utillian 8 eRig Wax Vaporizer
The Utillian 8 eRig offers the most sophisticated vaporization experience for those who use high-quality concentrates. Utillian integrated the safety and convenience that battery-powered vaporization offers with the cooling and hydration effects that water bubblers are known for.

The U8's features are designed to efficiently extract all active components in your wax, allowing even the most basic concentrates to taste heavenly while packing a punch.

Featuring a ceramic and stainless steel BurstHit 3D heating chamber with terp pearls right out of the box. The integrated multi-tool is a feature that allows users to choose between hot and cold loading and prevents the need to carry multiple sticky tools, keeping your device mess-free for longer.

These features combined make the U8 one of the most desirable e rigs on the market.

Key Features:
    Detachable Device Fabric Cover
    High-Performance BurstHit 3D Atomizer
    Ruby Terp Pearls
    Tinted Bubbler
    Multi-Function Tool
    Form-Fitting Carrying Case
    Haptic and Hue Feedback

Included in the Kit:
Utillian 8 eRig
Built in Multi-Function Tool
Carrying Case
5X Cotton Swabs
5X Alcohol Pads
2X Ruby Pearls