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510 Batteries

Buy yourself a 510 battery for ultra easy compact vaping - purchase the 510 battery from us and an authorized pre-filled cartridge from your local cannabis reseller and you are ready to vaporizer. Featuring brands like Dr Dabber, HoneyStick, Pulsar, Stache and Tronian

Powerful Oil Vape Pens For Your Next Session

Vaporize cannabis oil quickly and easily with our oil vaporizers. We have the best oil vape pens and brands on our website. 

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Vaporizers.ca is your go-to online vape shop in Canada. We stock some of the best weed vape pens on the market, including brands like Dr. Dabber, Linx, Puffco, and Utillian. Browse our site to find the right vape pen for you. Oil cartridges are purchased separately.

Take Your Session To The Next Level With An Oil or Wax Pen

An oil vape pen is a simple and discreet way to vape on the go. Oil pens feature a slim and long compact design, allowing your vape to easily fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. The pen is comfortable and easy to grip, so you don’t have to worry about not having complete control over your dabs. Vaping on the go has never been easier.

Despite its small size, the power of the vaporizer pen is unmatched. An oil pen can quickly vaporize weed oil. Button activated pens will heat to your desired temperature, push the power from your battery to the tank as soon as you hit the on-button. On the other hand, draw-activated pens pull power from your pen's battery when you draw from the mouthpiece, inhaling the crisp vapour.

Simple. Sleek. Smart. Oil and Wax Vaporizers.

Portable vaporizers make vaping easy. Take it on the go or use it in the comfort of your own home. It is fast, easy, and simple to enjoy crisp, potent vapour. Add a portable, pen-shaped vaporizer to your vaping kit today.

To get the most out of your vaping experience, choose the best vape pen for you. Not sure what to consider? Here is exactly what you should think about before buying a vape kit:

  • Voltage settings. The voltage setting of your device controls the heating element of your pen which, ultimately, impacts the potency and flavour of your vapour. If you are new to vaping, choose a pen that has a battery with a voltage anywhere between 2.4V and 3.2V for smooth flavours and effects. Experienced vapers should choose a pen with a voltage anywhere from 3.2V to 4.0V.
  • Battery life and charging. Having your pen's battery die during the middle of a session is frustrating. Choose a vape with a long-lasting battery. Lithium-ion batteries are reliable choices for your device. Alongside the battery, you should think about the charging method. Can you charge the battery through a micro USB, or is there another way?
  • Cartridge style. The right cartridge depends on your personal preference.  Does filling a cartridge seem like too much of a hassle? Do you prefer knowing that you have the same quality and control over the vaporizer, no matter its cartridge? Verify what is best for you before taking the next steps in purchasing your device.

Refill Your Oil Cartridge

There’s no need to throw out your pen once you have finished your oil cartridge. At Vaporizers.ca, we sell weed pens that can be refilled. Either buy a new, compatible cartridge for your vape or a bottle of distillate to refill your cartridge. We are trying to make the vape industry more environmentally friendly, and refillable tanks are just the way to do that.

Browse our stock online to find oil and wax pens with refillable tanks. It's cheaper in the long run and it is more environmentally friendly.

Transform Your Weed Pen Into An Oil Vape Pen

Do you like vaporizing dry herbs but want to mix it up with oil now and then? You can transform some herbal vaporizers into oil vaporizers by using a concentrate pad. Rather than using prefilled cartridges, fill the tank with loose oil over a concentrate pad. The vaporizer will heat the oil to the perfect temperature, allowing you to inhale the crisp, potent vapour.

Are you looking for a vape that will handle dry herb material? We sell many other types of vaporizers, including herb vapes. Browse our collection to find the perfect device for your next session.