Dr Dabber 510 Universal Battery V2.0

Dr Dabber

Dabber 510 V2 USB-C now available

Discover the sleek Dr. Dabber® Universal Battery 2.0, now USB-C compatible with pass-through charging.

Enjoy customizable sessions with 3 voltage settings and a 15-second pre-heat/sesh mode. Reliable for 40-50 uses per charge, it’s your go-to for consistent performance.

Available in Cyan, Red, Purple, Yellow, and Green accents.

510 Battery Features:
    510 Cartridge Battery
    3 Heat Settings
    15 Second Pre-Heat Mode
    40-50 Uses on a Charge
    USB-C charging

What's in the Box:
    1x - Dr. Dabber Universal 510 Battery V2
    Does NOT include USB-C cable or charger

WARRANTY - 1 year manufacturer warranty
Warranty inquiries to be directed to: info@drdabber.com
Include a copy of your invoice, your shipping address and full name along with a description of the issue.