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The folks at Dr Dabber set out on a mission: to create portable vaporizers that are convenient and reliable, yet potent and effective.

They started out with focusing on Vape Pens:
Dr Dabber Light - The basics, gets the job done, very affordable
Dr Dabber Ghost - Better pen, better atomizers
Dr Dabber Stella - the upgrade to the Ghost, their latest vape pen

Dr Dabber also make a really good 510 battery. Available in 5 different colors, well made, durable with a solid warranty.

They also make the Dabber XS Nano eRig which replaced the Dabber Boost EVO E-Rig. For more serious concentrate users, eRigs are a great choice.

Dr Dabber Switch Dual Purpose Vaporizer:
Our Favorite Dabber Vaporizer is no question the Switch. An excellent dual purpose vaporizer that delivers some amazing Dry Herb Vapor. Herbal Vaporizers are our focus and the Switch delivers big time. It also does a great job on concentrates as a bonus.