Dr Dabber Stella Atomizer

Dr Dabber

The replacement atomizer for the Stella Vaporizer Pen features a built-in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber with a sealed alumina ceramic heating element.

Upgraded with a floating vaporization chamber to optimize performance. The floating chamber reduces the contact of the chamber with the rest of the body of the pen, reducing heat transfer to the user's hands and helps focus heat to the vaporization chamber.

Stella Atomizer Features:
    Compatible with Concentrates
    Certified replacement parts
    Built-in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber
    Floating vaporization chamber to optimize performance
    Reduced contact of the chambers to the rest of the body of the pen
    Reduced heat transfer to the user's hand
    Heat is focused to the vaporization chamber

   1x - Dr. Dabber Stella Atomizer