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aka: Vaporizer Pens

The idea is pen shaped, ultra small and super simple. While not as good as full sized vaporizers, they have come along way. Better built, higher quality parts while still affordable.

Primarily designed for Wax and Concentrate use. You can also use thicker oils and some pens are designed or have the option for herbal use. While we do find pens effective for wax and concentrates, they are less so for oils and not overly recommended for herbal use.

Dr Dabber offers the Light for basic use, the Ghost and the Aurora which includes both Quartz and Ceramic atomizers. For more serious users, the Dr Dabber Switch is also available.

KandyPens is one of the bigger pen vaporizer manufacturers with numerous offerings. We offer the Galaxy, Gravity, Elite, Prism, Prism Plus.

Linx has done a good job on offering good quality concentrate vaporizers at an affordable price. The Ember is available for those on a tighter budget, the Hypnos Zero is one of the better hundred $ concentrate vaporizers on the market, experience dab vaporizering with the Ares or get blown away by the new Linx Blaze.

Puffco was one of the first companies to make a really solid well built pen. The Puffco Pro was a great start and they have improved their models since. Now offering the Puffco Pro 2 and the newer Puffco Plus V2. They even offer a Puffco Peak Concentrate Desktop rig for those of you that are a bit more serious about their vaporizers.

Utillian decided to join the pen market recently with their more marker sized Utillian 5. The goal was big vapor and they delivered on that. A large sized concentrate vaporizer with a big battery, extra power and serious vapor delivery.