Puffco Plus + V2 WAX/OIL Vaporizer (taxes extra)


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Puffco Plus v2.0

The Puffco Plus + is a inside and out revamp from it's predecessor.
The Puffco Plus was designed for Wax/Concentrate use, it can also be used with thick oils. For pure oil use, consider the Linx Hermes 2 Oil Vaporizer.

A simple construction and unique features makes the Puffco Plus an essential tool for the connoisseur on the go. The chamber is all-ceramic, delivering optimal flavor, and coil-less achieving even heat distribution, effortless cleaning and improved durability. Airflow has been enhanced and leaks are minimized with the redesigned venting. The mouthpiece houses a removable ceramic loading tool with a convection cap minimizing splash back and efficiently retains oils.

Included in the Kit:
Puffco Plus Pen Vaporizer
USB Super Charger
Instruction Manual
Cleaning Swabs


For any device or troubleshooting issues, please email support@puffco.com
For warranty Service follow this link.


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