Tronian Gammatron Wax Portable Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The Tronian Gammatron is a wax pen that combines valuable features into a sturdy, portable design that will truly stand the test of time.

This device features a large 800mAh battery and a Zirconia tool built into the mouthpiece for easy wax access.

The integrated spring-wound Kanthal Glass Coil is great at efficiently vaporizing any concentrates you fit into the chamber. As a bonus, the device features its very own wax container for easy access and storage.

Key Features:
    Spring-wound Kanthal Glass Coil
    High-end scratch-resistant PVD Coating
    Wax storage container
    Built-in Zirconia tool
    800 mAh Battery
    10 minutes Auto Shut OffControl

Included In The Box:
Tronian Gammatron
Mouthpiece Sealings
USB-C cable

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