Tronian Rhotron 510 Battery



The Rhotron fits all 510-threaded cartridges, both small and wide, while still being reasonably priced, the Rhotron is a great choice. It has useful features and a small design, so it's easy to carry around. One advantage is its fast USB-C charger, which can quickly charge the 400 mAh battery. Plus, it's not only convenient but also comes in different patterns to match your personal style. Whether you're an experienced vaper or new to it, the Tronian Rhotron is a fantastic option for vaping on the go without spending too much.

The Tronian Rhotron vaporizer is slightly different from other popular 510 batteries because the cartridges are top-mounted. Also, instead of using magnetic connections, the Rhotron has a smart design where cartridges are screwed on top of the device, making cartridges stick out. This clever approach makes it compatible with a greater variety of cartridges, especially the wider or larger ones.

Tronian is known for making high-quality devices that work well and are affordable. The Rhotron has a sleek appearance and a comfortable feel thanks to the use of PC Plastic with Rubber paint. This 510 Vape is pretty small, measuring 5cm in height and 2cm in width, making it extremely easy to carry around. To make it more convenient for users, Tronian added two small holes at the top so that the included lanyard can be threaded through them. Using the lanyard makes transporting the device much simpler, and you won't even need to put it in your pocket.

The Tronian Rhotron is affordable yet comes with 4 temperature settings ranging from 2.7 Volts to 4.2 Volts that allow users to customize their settings. Lower voltages give a better taste to the vapor produced, while higher voltages create larger clouds. To help users identify these settings, the Rhotron is equipped with 4 different colored LEDs on the front side of the device. Each LED corresponds to a specific setting. During the charging process, the LEDs will illuminate in orange to indicate the battery level. When the battery is low, all lights will flash, and when fully charged, they will remain solid.