Utillian 8 eRig Multi-Tool


Utillian eliminated the need to buy separate parts by creating this multi-operational tool, which can be used as a choke, dab tool, and carb cap. One of the biggest pain points that the multi-tool eliminates is that it prevents leaving wax marks on the surfaces where you operate your e rig. This advantage makes the user experience with the U8 e rig hassle-free, allowing users to spend more time enjoying the sessions instead of cleaning.

The multi-tool provides the option to choose between hot and cold loading with their concentrates. Hot loading is as simple as it sounds; load your wax into the device once the chamber has fully heated up and the LEDs indicate it's time to start your session. This method is better suited for those who want to fully extract every bit of flavor from their wax. On the other hand, the method known as cold loading does not produce the same quality vapor but is much more convenient. This method is done by scooping up your wax with the multi-tool and putting it back on the device while cold. Once the device has turned on, the wax will slowly drip off of the tool, so you don't need to waste time setting your wax directly into the chamber.

The multi-tool is a revolutionary accessory not seen on any other e rig, which adds to the user-friendliness and convenience of this device.

Included in the package:

1* Utillian 8 Multi-Tool