Utillian 620 Portable Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The Utillian 620 Vaporizer offers convection heating and uses the same technology as the 722 model but with a more compact design, allowing for ease of travel and making it perfect for solo sessions / micro dosing. In addition, the 620 vaporizer comes with a magnetic stirring tool, glass mouthpiece, and isolated airpath for a user-friendly experience tailored to fit your dry herb needs. Featuring an extremely efficient 40-second heating time and unique removable convection helix, this vaporizer quickly delivers a smooth draw every time.

No one likes wasting herbs, the small chamber of the Utillian 620 dry herb vaporizer allows for you to use less flower and helps create an even cook for better vapor quality every time. The effective convection heating element paired with the adjustable shut-off timer and temperature control allows for ample extraction. Reducing the natural degradation of herb and helping preserve flower while maintaining great flavor via a precise vapor path.

Some key features of this vaporizer that you might not find in another product are an easy-to-read digital display, precise temperature control offering easy use, and 60-minute battery life makes this device essential in any vapor enthusiast's kit.

Key Features:
    Convection Heating
    Magnetic Stirring Tool
    Digital Display
    Precise Temperature Control
    Glass Mouthpiece
    Isolated Air path
    1 Year Warranty

    Manufacturer Utillian
    Battery 2300mah
    Battery Life 60 Minute
    Heat time 40 Seconds
    Heating Style Convection
    Temperature 160C° - 220C° (320 - 428°F)
    Compatibility Herbs
    Warranty 1 Year with TVAPE Hassle-Free

Included in the Box:
    Utillian 620
    USB Cable
    O-RING and Screen Set
    Airpath Cleaning Brush
    Chamber Cleaning Brush

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