Utillian 8 eRig BurstHit 3D Heating Chamber


The BurstHit 3D Heating Chamber is extremely efficient at vaporizing your concentrates. Its 3D design allows all surfaces to be heated up for consistent sessions every time. The ruby terp pearls (included with the U8 device & sold separately) spin around your chamber, which helps evenly vaporize your wax, allowing for the purest extraction. The atomizer is also made of ceramic and stainless steel, which helps to preserve flavor. You should only load for one session because the terpenes of your premium wax vaporize first, and you want to ensure your wax is done after your session. Otherwise, you will have pre-heated wax left over in the chamber that doesn't have much flavor for your next session.

Included in the package:
1* Utillian 8 BurstHit 3D Heating Chamber