Arizer Solo III Portable Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The Solo III Herbal Vaporizer


Introducing the Solo III, aka Solo 3
Arizer's most powerful and advanced portable… by far.

Featuring groundbreaking advances in heating technology: a new & improved operating system with large color display, Session Mode with new programmable Preset Temps, new On Demand Mode, new XL Glass Pod system with double capacity & increased airflow, plus USB-C Charging. Up to 3 hours of battery life per charge and you can use while charging. quick review: We have used the Solo 3 vaporizer and its a beast. A significantly bigger and more powerful vaporizer than its predecessor. Heat time is really fast and the heater itself delivers big time. We recommend all session clients turn their temps down with this latest Solo by at least 15-20 degrees Celsius from previous temps they have used. The chamber is big and the new XL tubes are a good upgrade for those needing bigger vapor. Really like the menu / digital controls and the unlock pattern at the start is a nice touch. We are really impressed with the Solo III, it is in the running for best dry herb portable. Get an extra $25 off the Solo 3 with coupon code solo25, thanks for reading!

Key Features:
More Power
Faster Heat up
Session & On-Demand Mode *NEW*
Glass Vapor Path
Hybrid heating (80% Convection, 20% Conduction)
More Glass Tubes including XL size *NEW*
Precise Temperature Control
Color Intergalactic
USB-C Charging 
1 x Solo III Portable Micro-Heater 
1 x Solo III Owner's Manual
1 x USB-C Charger (5v, 3A)
1 x XL Glass Aroma Tube (90mm)
1 x XL Frosted Glass Aroma Tube (14mm)
1 x Air / Solo Glass Aroma Tube (90mm)
1 x Air / Solo Frosted Glass Aroma Tube (14mm)
4 x Air / Solo Silicone Stem Caps
2 x PVC Travel Tube w./ Cap (90mm Size)
2 x PVC Travel Tube w./ Cap (70mm Size)
1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
4 x Air / Solo Stainless Steel Filter Screen

Package 1: 4 Piece Premium Grinder, 4 Screens, 2 Cleaning Sticks
Package 2: Aroma Tube, 4 Screens, 2 Cleaning Sticks, Cleaning Brush
Screens are optional, recommended for finely ground plant material

Add an Arizer Soft Case for only $15

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