Review - Arizer Solo II Portable Vaporizer Review

Arizer Solo II (2) Vaporizer (1-2 users)
Portable direct flow battery vaporizer

Made by Arizer
2 Year Warranty on vaporizer

The Arizer Solo is considered one of the best vaporizers ever made. Easy to use, solid design, long lasting battery, affordable, good vapor. Everything you needed from a portable vaporizer.  Fast forward, you now have a true sequel, the Solo II vaporizer.

 Everything that made the Solo a great vaporizer has been taken to the next level
Design - Picture a Solo that's even more solid with digital controls.
Air Flow - extra air flow added, less restrictive
Vapor - better heating, better air flow, better vapor production
Battery - lasts even longer, up to 20 sessions
Controls - full digital display and easy to use controls
Precision temp control, adjustable shut off timer

The Solo 2 is small enough to fit in your pocket but isn't going for a compact award. The goal was an ultra solid unit that had a similar feel in your hand to the original Solo. The steel chamber is on top and you load your herb into the aroma tube just like before. The chamber is easy to access and clean. the tubes are easy enough to clean and very affordable when they do need replacing.

The Digital Controls are easy to use and everything can be adjusted. You can adjust the temp by 1 degree increments, you can adjust the auto shut off timer, you can even adjust how long it takes to turn on your unit. With an easy to read display, you have full control of your Solo 2 experience.

The vapor production on the Solo 2 is good, a definite improvement. The added air flow is very noticeable and helps with draw resistance. Since the herbs are in the tube and not the bowl, as long as the tube is clean, the vapor is smooth and tastes good.

The Solo 2 uses a custom charger and a custom built in battery. Not as convenient as USB but you get an ultra long lasting battery to compensate you. If you want swappable batteries, get the Air. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with the battery they included in the Solo 2. Charging time is a few hours and you can get up to 3 hours of use at medium temp settings.


- Ultra solid
- Digital Control & Display
- Precision temp control
- Easy to use and clean
- Long lasting Battery
- Quick heat up time
- Steel and Glass
- Preload tubes
- Adjustable Auto Shut off
- 2 Year Warranty


- Unit is a bit bigger than some of the current offerings when tube factored in

Arizer knew they needed to deliver for the sequel to the Solo. Improve and modernize the unit while at the same time making sure everything felt familiar. They weren't going for any compact awards, the goal was a unit that had a similar feel in your hand to the Solo with a better experience. If you liked the Solo 1, you will love the Solo 2. Everything that you liked about the Solo but improved- better air flow, better vapor, digital controls and an even longer lasting battery. Even if you didn't like the Solo 1, you still might like the Solo 2 and all its improvements..

The Solo 2 is a really good portable vaporizer, it will satisfy the vast majority of portable users. 

Does the Arizer Solo II sound like the vaporizer for you? Buy it here