Review - The MIGHTY Portable Vaporizer

Mighty Portable Vaporizer - (1-2 users)
Direct Flow Battery Vaporizer
Made by Storz & Bickel, the makers of Volcano
2 Year Full Warranty

The MIGHTY is one of the best vapor producing portables on the market. If you want a portable that produces lots of vapor, this is the unit for you. We have used some really good portables but for bowl size and vapor, the MIGHTY is the king. The bowl is very large and easily accessible. No question the best bowl design we have ever experienced for a portable. It is also the first portable unit we have used that produces close to desktop quantity / quality vapor. The unit is larger than most portables but still fits comfortably in your hand. If your goal is vapor production, you won’t be bothered by its slightly bigger size. For those of you looking for a small discreet unit, this is not the unit for you.

The unit itself looks good, a solid robust unit. For people that want a serious looking unit, the MIGHTY delivers that. The unit feels tough and it has good heat insulation. The top is easy to remove and the mouthpiece is nice. The digital display is big and easy to read; it shows you actual temp, set temp and how much battery you have left. You adjust temperature with up and down arrows, you turn it off/on with the button on the side.

Storz & Bickel originally put a 1 minute timer on the Mighty, that has now been switched to 2 minutes. The unit vibrates when it turns off so you don't have to keep checking the display. We aren't sure why don't allow you to adjust the shut off time on the MIGHTY, they really should have.

Over the years, the Mighty has received software upgrades a tweeks. The battery life has improved overall and its reliability is solid. Considering it does have a huge bowl and powerful heater, we do think less battery time is reasonable and a worthy tradeoff. The unit can also be used with drained batteries in AC mode (plug in) which is a nice bonus.

Easy to Use
Excellent bowl design
Huge vapor production
Digital Temp Control
Solid Unit, well insulated
Can be plugged in for AC use

Can’t adjust auto shut off timer

The MIGHTY is an excellent vaporizer with the best vapor production we’ve experienced in a portable. For medical and heavy users needing a portable to compliment their desktop, the MIGHTY is a great choice.

10 Months Later: We are currently using our MIGHTY every 1-2 days, it is one of our main portable vaporizers. We are still very happy with the heat up time and vapor production. For bowl size and vapor, it doesn’t get much better than the MIGHTY for a portable. We were always happy with the digital display and controls. We have grown more used to the 1 minute shut off but we would still prefer the option to choose a longer shut off time. Later revisions have increased that to two minutes, we do think that is a better choice for times. The battery is still going strong and the vapor production still delivers.

2017 UPDATE -Storz and Bickel has given the Mighty an update. New white/blue box packaging, software updates and an updated battery.