Review - Magic Flight Maud-Dib Vaporizer

The Magic Flight Maud-Dib Portable Vaporizer is Magic Flight's first dedicated oil and concentrate vaporizer. It was specifically made for Kava extract and include a vial of Kava with the unit. You can use it with other oils and concentrates but they don't openly recommend. Our recommendation is that if you do use other Essential Oils, Waxes or Concentrates; that you use very small amounts to start until you are familiar with the Maud-Dib vaporizer.
The kit itself is just like the Magic Flight regular with a few differences:
1. The Maud-Dib unit itself
2. A 1 foot whip is included instead of a stem
3. Vial of Kava Extract

The Maud-Dib is a really impressive unit: it is built on the Magic Flight box design but the black look and front piece do make it stand out from their previous vaporizers. Magic Flight really did give the Maud-Dib its own look. The Maud-Dib also has a different heating system, it heats up the concentrate tray itself vs having hot air blow over it when you inhale. The concentrate tray is a simple and effective design, it was very easy to put my concentrates and extracts on the tray. Just like the regular Magic Flight, push in the battery and you are vaporizing.
Easy to use, effective, compact/portable, quality design, Magic Flight has done a good job on their first vaporizer dedicated to concentrates.  For those of you that want to cool down your vapor even more, you can buy their water tool adapter, now available on our website.
Why would you buy this over the regular Magic Flight with Concentrate Tray? It looks really good, it comes with a valuable Kava extract vial and it is specifically tuned for oils where as the Magic Flight Maple was primarily designed for plants and botanicals. When you add up the regular Magic Flight kit with the Concentrate tray, Whip and Kava extract, you will be pay a bit more than this dedicated kit. So it really comes down to how important oils and extracts are to you. If they are your top priority and plants are not nearly as important, then the Maud-Dib is a good choice.

The Maud-Dib is not ready for Mass Distribution yet, we are looking at April / May 2014 for our stock. We look forward to offering this vaporizer to our clients in the near future, look for an announcement from us when it arrives.

A special thanks to Magic Flight for including us in their Kava extract alpha vaporizer tests and for now sending us the final completed Maud-Dib vaporizer. Their ability to continue to innovate and build upon their original design truly amazes us.