Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Portable Maple (taxes extra)

Magic Flight


Laser Etch, Monocle and Maud-Dib available 

Experience the magic of effortless vaping with the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer.

This compact, handcrafted wooden box vaporizer is the best vaporizer for those who value portability and simplicity. Its nearly instant heat-up provides immediate vapor, making it perfect for use in any situation, even windy conditions. The Launch Box is not just ultra-easy and quick to load, but its solid walnut wood design also ensures durability. Made in the USA, this flight launch box comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. The kit includes everything you need for a seamless vaping experience, from rechargeable batteries to a finishing grinder. Despite its small size, the Launch Box Vaporizer doesn't compromise on style or performance. While it may lack in temperature control, it excels in delivering pure vapor when used as intended.

With numerous accessories available, the Magic Flight Launch Box is your ticket to a superior vaping experience.