Review - Vapium Summit + Plus Portable Vaporizer

Vapium Summit + Plus Portable Vaporizer Review (1-2 users)
Portable direct flow battery vaporizer

Made by Vapium
2 Year Warranty on vaporizer

An upgraded version of the Vapium Summit.

The Vapium Summit was designed with the outdoors in mind. Fairly compact, easy to use and rugged. A combination of hard polymer and metal, its a very durable unit.

The Summit + Plus packaging is an improvement over the original Summit. Featuring a smaller box and a nicer box design.

While the packaging got a slight upgrade, the unit itself got more substantial upgrades. Even more durable, the Summit + can handle colder and hotter temperatures vs before. It is also splash proof, that means it can handle some water, just not a lot.

Like its predecessor, the Summit + has an on / off button and an + - temp control. Using two levels of brightness, you can choose from 8 different temperatures. You also can connect via an Android or Apple App for more control.

The Air flow was already pretty good, now its even better. For an all in one portable unit with built in mouthpiece, we definitely are impressed overall with air flow. Vapor production is still pretty good, not one of the top producers out there but it certainly does the job. An upgrade to a 3300MH battery gives you even more power and longer vape time.



- Rugged design

- Good Air Flow

- Good vapor production

- Can handle more extreme temps

- 3300Mah battery

- Eight Temp Settings

- Easy to use

- Built in metal tool

- 2 Year Warranty


- Battery is not easily replaceable


Vapium built a good vaporizer with the Summit and improved it with the + (Plus). Very easy to use and lots of temp settings to choose from. A tough durable portable that produces pretty good vapor while on the go. You can even buy an optional solar charger if you are away from power and have lots of sun time. The more powerful battery is nice and we think the built in metal tool is a nice touch. While not easily replaceable, that does make sense for a unit that is designed for durability and water resistance. Vapium made a solid portable vaporizer that should appeal to anyone that wants to vape in the great outdoors.

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