Review - Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

The Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer

Made by Arizer
3 year warranty (lifetime on heater)

  • see bottom of this review for v-tower review*

The maker of the V-Tower decided that more features were needed and released a higher end model called the Extreme. It is a full kit that includes accessories for direct flow as well as inflating bags. Digital temperature control, remote control, auto shut off timer, fan speed control, the works. Every feature with the one exception of a water tool which could probably be rigged on your own with a bit of effort.

The fan control is really nice for controlling the vapor flow when using direct inhalation. You can go from whip only (no fan) all the way through 3 different fan speeds. The remote control makes switching fan speeds easy from your sitting back position. A balloon kit is available for extra bags and they are quite easy to assemble.

The heater itself is ceramic and every attachment is glass making the Extreme a very smooth experience. If you don't like any extra flavors and want to taste pure vapor, this is one of the best vaporizer on the market.

Extreme Q details: In January 2010 Arizer released the Extreme Q, the sequel to the Extreme. From a user stand point, the unit looks very similar and it works close to the same way. Inside though, the unit has received numerous upgrades. A more effecient quieter fan (up to 77% quieter), up to 50% energy savings, multiple heat sensors, solid state circuitry and an improved LCD screen. So despite being one of the market leaders, they took an already good unit and stepped it up with a bunch of upgrades, very impressive.


  • Every feature you want
  • Direct Flow and Balloon Inflation
  • Glass on glass attachments
  • Fan Speed Control
  • Digital Temperature control
  • Affordable


  • Glass can get hot

Recommended temperature: 190 Celsius

For those that are concerned about durability, the extreme has a serious warranty to back it up. 3 year warranty on manufacturer defects and a lifetime warranty on the ceramic heater, you can't go wrong. Arizer is serious about their products, that's obvious just by the quality of the vaporizer.

We are definitely happy with the Extreme Q, it has everything you want at a price most people can afford. If you are looking for a high end vaporizer that has everything you could want at a mid range vaporizer price, you found it with the Extreme.

V-Tower Digital Vaporizer Review:

The V-Tower is just an Extreme vaporizer with no fan and no ability to inflate balloons, it also doesn't include a remote control. It has a 2 year warranty, digital temp control, nice glass attachments, ceramic heater, smooth vapor, you just have to rely on your own lung power to produce vapor and you will never be able to fill up a bag. For clients that prefer direct flow over bag use and don't intend to use the bag feature on the Extreme, this is not a concern. If you are on a more constrained budget and can't afford the extra money on the Extreme, the V-Tower is a great choice.