Review - VapeXhale EVO Cloud Vaporizer

VapeXhale EVO Cloud Vaporizer - (1-2 users)
Direct Flow Corded Vaporizer

Made by VapeXhale
2 Year Full warranty
Right out of the box, it was obvious that the VapeXhale was a serious vaporizer for serious users. A solid well built vape with huge air flow and an all glass pathway. There is no question this is a unit that appeals to any direct flow vaporizer enthusiast.

The kit comes with everything you need to start. 1 EVO, 1 Heat Shield, 2 Bowls for Herbs, 1 Direct Mouthpiece, Optional Hydra Tube, Glass Nails for Oils/Concentrate and Instructions. We also include our personal tip sheet, premium grinder and the ideal cleaning brush for the bowls.

Heat up time is good, within a few minutes you are heated up and ready to go. Set the temperature to just under half way is good, you could use lower if necessary. We used a light to make the vapor extra visible, always a good idea, especially when starting out.

Standard Mouthpiece

To start we used the standard direct glass mouthpiece. The first word that came to mind was wow, huge vapor production and it was ultra smooth. The direct mouthpiece was easy to use and allowed us to lie back and relax. The air flow is massive, make sure you have drinking water available for longer sessions. You do need to hold the EVO at all times when using the glass mouthpiece but it does give you the all glass experience.

The Hydratube was next on the list. All glass plus water equals one of the smoothest vapor experiences you can have. Lots of air flow, big vapor, all water chilled. There are quite a few different Hydratubes, we carry 4 in stock at all times. Whether you prefer tastier vapor or more air flow, there is a Hydratube  for you. The only real negative to Hydratubes is that you need to keep it fairly vertical due to the water.
18MM Adapter and Whip

You can also use the EVO with the whip and 18mm adapter.

For whip, we use a 2.5 foot tube ensuring a cool vapor by the time we inhale it. It wasn't the all glass experience due to the tube but it was still amazing. It also allowed for hands free use which meant we could lie back, relax and just vaporize.

You can also attach another adapter to the end of the tube allowing you to attach your EVO to a seperate water tool.


  • Good quality vaporizer
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra Smooth Vapor, big air flow
  • Huge vapor production (best we've ever seen)
  • Solid unit, very durable
  • Heat Shield included
  • 3 Ways to Inhale: Glass Mouthpiece, HydraTube, Whip


  • Higher price point

The VapeXhale is a higher priced unit but for direct flow enthusiasts, it is worth every penny. The flavor and smoothness is amazing and it's ultra efficient. We are beyond impressed with the VapeXhale's performance and we highly recommend it to anyone that can afford it and loves direct inhalation.