Review - VapeXhale EVO Cloud Vaporizer

VapeXhale EVO Cloud Vaporizer - (1-2 users)
Direct Flow Corded Vaporizer

Made by VapeXhale
2 Year Full warranty

Right out of the box, it was obvious that the VapeXhale was a serious  vaporizer for serious users. A solid well built vape with a large glass mouthpiece. There was no question this was a unit that would appeal to any direct flow vaporizer enthusiasts.

Within a few minutes we were heated up and ready to go. We then set it to half temp which was more than enough, you could definitely use lower. The first word that came to mind was WOW. Huge vapor production and it was ultra smooth. One of the best vaping experience we have ever had if not the best.

The unit did get a bit hot when used for multiple sessions but this was not a problem.


  • Good quality vaporizer
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra Smooth Vapor
  • HUGE vapor production (best we've ever seen)
  • Solid unit, very durable
  • Easy to inhale
  • Large Glass Mouthpiece


  • Unit gets hot
  • High price point
Conclusion: The VapeXhale is a higher priced unit but for direct flow enthusiasts, it is worth every penny. The flavor and smoothness is amazing and it's ultra efficient. We are beyond impressed with the VapeXhale's performance and we highly recommend it to anyone that can afford it and loves direct inhalation.

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