Review - The Crafty Vaporizer Review

The CRAFTY vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, the makers of Volcano
Portable Battery Operated Vaporizer

We reference the MIGHTY a lot in this review, please read our MIGHTY review first

The CRAFTY is Storz's & Bickel's small portable vaporizer. It is very similar to the MIGHTY but smaller, weighs less and does not have a digital temp control.

The bowl design is easy to use and clean and very accessible. Similar to the MIGHTY, just smaller. The vapor production is also very good; second only to it's big brother the MIGHTY. We would consider the CRAFTY a compact unit, it is very light and small enough to fit in your pocket. For those clients that want big vapor production but need a smaller unit, the CRAFTY is a serious consideration.

We do find the CRAFTY is a bit too pricey, its less than $100 difference with the MIGHTY. For us, if you are already spending $400 on a vaporizer, better to spend $500 and get the high end model. That being said, we personally don't need small so if the MIGHTY is too big for you and you have the money to spend, you will be happy with the CRAFTY.

The CRAFTY also has the auto shut off timer. After one minute it vibrates and shuts off. We do find that too short but with the vibration, its easy to keep it going. To keep size down, Storz & Bickel went with a single temperature setting of 180C, you can also push the button twice to get a heat boost. Adjustable temperature control is always better but Storz & Bickel did a good job overall on picking a temp and offering a heat boost.

Easy to Use
Excellent bowl design
Huge vapor production
Solid Unit
Well insulated
Compact and lightweight

No adjustable temperature control
Auto shut off time is a bit short

Conclusion: The CRAFTY is a very good portable vaporizer overall, no question about that. Unfortunately it is a bit too expensive for the features offered in our opinion, you should spend the extra money and get the MIGHTY or go for something else that is a similar size but more affordable. That being said; if money is a non concern for you, you need a small unit and are a Storz & Bickel fan, you will be very happy with the CRAFTY.