Review - Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer - (1-2 users)
Portable direct flow battery vaporizer
Made by VaporBlunt
1 Year Full warranty

The Pinnacle Pro is a very powerful portable heater that is ultra compact and discreet.

If you are looking for a small pocket sized unit that delivers, the Pinnacle Pro is a great choice.  The unit looks good, is very compact, features one button easy use and has an optional water tool. The Pinnacle Pro with Water Tool is also known as the Pinnacle Pro Deluxe, same unit, just comes in a kit with the water tool.

We decided to use the Pinnacle Pro for 2 weeks prior to posting our review. We wanted to make sure that it held up as a portable and that it was easily usable in different situations.

The Pinnacle Pro features 5 different temperature setting. Based on our use, you never need higher than setting 1 for plant material. That shows you how powerful the heater is that 1 is good enough. We found we only needed temperature 3 when we were using the oil chamber. There is no question the biggest concern we had with the unit is that clients would blindly turn it up to 4 and overheat the unit. A powerful heater is a good thing but this heater is what we would consider overpowered.

Heat up time was approximately 2 minutes which was very reasonable for a portable.
We got about 1 hour of use out of every charge which is good for a unit that compact.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use, only has one button
  • Good vapor production
  • For the size, the battery lasts a good amount of time
  • Optional water tool
  • Supports Plants and Oils
  • Affordable


  • Heater is overpowered, lowest setting is fine for plants
  • Due to compact size, vapor can be harsher, water tool helps a lot

Recommended temperature: 1 for plants, 3 for oils/concentrates

The Pinnacle Pro is a really good compact vaporizer. If you are looking for a compact portable unit that produces good vapor and fits in your pocket while still providing reasonable battery time, the Pinnacle Pro is a great choice. We did find that due to the size of the unit, the vapor can be a bit harsher than units that use tubes or long stems. That being said, with the optional water tool available, you are able to cool down the vapor nicely.