Review - Linx Eden Portable Vaporizer

The Linx Eden is the latest portable vaporizer from Linx, available in Black Onyx and Steel. The goal with the Eden was simple, a small portable metal mostly convection vaporizer with ceramic heating and glass mouthpiece at an affordable price.  We are happy to report that Linx delivered exactly that.

Linx is serious about using quality parts and making solid vaporizers, the Eden builds on that reputation. Primarily designed for dry herbs / herbal use, it can handle concentrates with included pads. The Eden vaporizer is small while still feels ultra solid in your hand. The unit is the size of a marker; herbal vaporizers do need to be thicker to allow a good sized chamber and proper temperature control.

THE RETAIL KIT is a nice white outside with black inside. The unit sits in foam while everything else is in nicely labelled black boxes. The manual is a little basic but gets the job done, it is multilingual. The kit has everything you need to get started plus a few extras.

USING THE UNIT was easy to start from finish. We started by charging the battery via USB until it was at full charge. This takes approximately 3-4 hours when the battery is drained. We then loaded it up and pushed the single button 5 times. You then click 3 times to change the temperature setting. The heat up time was quick (under 30 seconds) and it was easy to get vapor going once the temperature was reached.

THE VAPOR is good, consistent and plenty of it. We enjoy the entire session and found that in most cases the herb was a nice uniform color. There are 4 temperature settings, we found green and yellow to be the best for flavor and smoothness, red is for those that like it hot. The air flow was very good and the vapor was smooth. 

CLEANING the Linx Eden is extra easy. Use a cleaning stick and brush for the chamber itself. You can then soak your mouthpiece in cleaner or alcohol whenever necessary. Replacement mouthpieces are readily available if you happen to drop it or decide its time for a new one.

Small and Solid
Great vapor for the price
Good air flow
Glass mouthpiece
Single button operation
4 Temp Settings
USB Charging

For the price point, the Eden is an excellent vaporizer. You will not find a better herbal vaporizer for $129 Canadian ($99 USD). The unit is built solid, is really easy to use and delivers good vapor. The Air flow is very good for a small portable and the glass mouthpiece is a nice touch. For a portable vaporizer in its price range, the Eden is one of the better vapor experiences we have had.