DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer Review

IQ Portable Vaporizer Review by DaVinci (1-2 users)
Portable direct flow battery vaporizer

Made by DaVinci
10 Year Warranty on vaporizer

DaVinci has been producing vaporizers for quite a few years now, starting with the DaVinci and followed by the Ascent. Their latest vaporizer is the IQ and it is a huge upgrade from their previous vaporizers in every way.

The packaging is attractive and simple. The vaporizer itself is very attractive;  the metal, the color, the design, a well put together device. For people that are serious about how their vaporizer looks, the IQ delivers big time.

The unit is compact, easily fits in your hand and comfortable to hold. The herb chamber on the bottom is simple and easy to open and load. The chamber itself consists of polished metal and a ceramic heater. Not to be outdone, the IQ has a 100% ceramic zirconia air path. It came with enough of a charge to use it right out of the box. Heat up time was quick, under 1 minute to temp 3 and even less for temp 2.

The IQ is a solid unit, easy to hold and comfortable. It has a power button and up and down arrows to change temperature. You can use the unit for all basic functions or log in to the APP for more details and precision temp settings. The lights on the back of the unit are really innovative. Easy to read, they give you all the information you need. They can be a bit bright when trying to enjoy a darker session but you can always cover them with your hand.


The bowl is on the bottom of the unit, easy to load with a good capacity.  Cleaning the bowl was easy, a brush is included. The vapor pathway is ceramic with a silicone mouthpiece, very easy to remove and clean. Both the top and bottom are easy to open. The theme here is easy, everything about using and loading the IQ is easy.

The vapor production on the IQ is amazing for a portable, lots of vapor and very smooth. We were very happy with the air flow and taste overall, one of our better vapor experiences. We found temp 2 was enough with a boost to temp 3, you can also use the smart path temperature settings, that will start it out at a lower temp and then increase temp as time goes on. You can even hold down the power button for a manual temp boost, very nice feature.

The IQ uses micro USB charging and comes with a cable, you can charge via AC USB charger (not included) or a computer. Charging time is a few hours and you can get approximately 60-70 minutes of use. The battery is fully removable so you can buy extra batteries or replace it if there is a problem.


- Cosmetically appealing
- Compact and comfortable
- Superior vapor quality and flavor
- Easy to use and load
- Vibration alerts
- Removable Battery
- Micro USB charging
- Quick heat up time
- On Demand Temp Boost
- Connect via Phone APP
- 10 Year Warranty
- Auto Shut off


- Lights can be a bit bright in low light settings


The IQ is an amazing portable, we were blown away with how good it is. Looks great, easy to use and hold, big vapor, solid unit. A huge pros list, everything you could possibly want in a portable vaporizer. Combine that with a 10 year warranty from a company that has proven itself over the years and you have one of the best portables on the market. Congratulations to DaVinci, great job.

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