Who is Vaporizers.ca?

We are a family owned and operated business out of Ottawa Ontario Canada. We are passionate about vaporization and have been so since the creation of the business in 2005.

Being young smokers we were getting sick and tired of the coughing and general unhealthiness caused by smoking. "There has to be another way for me to use my plants and herbs" was what owner Damon told his wife. There was a better way, vapor (aka vapour), we had found it.  We purchased a vaporizer (aka vapourizer) and we loved it. So much in fact that Stephanie left her administration job and together we created Vaporizers.ca.

We are directly involved with every part of the online ordering process; we stock our own inventory, pack each order with care and ship orders across Canada and the US from our warehouse. Every order we receive is important to us and our goal is to make each one of our clients happy.

We are very happy to have been a part of the evolution of the herbal vaporizer and grateful to have helped thousands of people make the switch to vapor.