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Pulsar Vaporizers

Affordable reliable vaporizers for dry herbs and concentrates

Dry Herbs
Pulsar APX V3, bigger bowl, better heater, great designs like Psychedelic Desert or Melting Mushroom. A worthy upgrade for one of the better value vaporizers ever made
Pulsar APX Pro, the latest version of the Pulsar APX Dry Herb Vaporizer Family
Pulsar ProShift, a high end top performing dry herb vaporizer
Pulsar SYNDR, the latest addition to the Pulsar family. Multiple colors, compact design, affordable and powerful

Pulsar Sipper, able to handle concentrates and 510 cartridges

510 Battery

Pulsar OBI, one of our preferred 510 batteries.
Draw on demand, easy inhale, nice designs

Pulsar DL v2, compact and powerful
Available in Regular and Pro version

Pulsar DL V3 twist
Pulsar Shift 2 in 1 - Herbs or Concentrates