Pulsar ProShift Portable Vaporizer (taxes extra)


The Pulsar ProShift has a streamlined design built for high performance puffs. The outer shell has a matte black finish and a pivoting zirconia mouthpiece that can be shifted into park after use. The device utilizes a titanium heating chamber in combination with convection heating technology to provide smooth and fresh hits each time. This style of heating warms the air around your dry herb and prevents any burning that could diminish terpenes or herbaceous flavors.

The vaporizer has a temperature range from 248-430°F so each sesh can be customized to your liking. Lower temperatures provide a way to highlight more complex flavor profiles with smoother hits, while higher temperatures pack the potency with larger clouds. Whether you're taking a quick hit on the go or cruising in the slow lane for a longer sesh, the session duration timer is also adjustable to suit your need for speed.

A rapid press of the power button 5 times activates the device and settings are selected by using the ProShift's tactile buttons. The OLED digital display indicates temperature information, duration timer, and battery status. Once your desired temperature is reached, haptic feedback will notify you that you're ready to rip!

Also incorporated is the fan-favorite onboard stir stick: a handy tool for poking, packing, and clearing out the chamber. This tool stores neatly in the bottom of the device for compact convenience. The unit disassembles for quick cleaning with the 2 included brushes to remove large expended debris, and a simple swipe with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs finishes the job.

Included in the box:
Pulsar ProShift™ Dry Herb Vaporizer unit
USB-C charging cable
Chamber cleaning brush
Airpath cleaning brush
Mouthpiece filter
Cleaning wipe

Pulsar ProShift Dry Herb Vaporizer Tech Specs:
3000mAh Battery
Convection heating
Titanium heating chamber
Adjustable temperatures (248-430 F)
3-7 Minute adjustable session time
OLED digital display
Haptic feedback
Onboard stir stick
Isolated airpath for easy cleaning
USB-C charging