Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Wax & 510 Vaporizer (taxes extra)


Sip Back and Relax!
The Pulsar Sipper dual use concentrate or 510 cartridge vaporizer combines the retro style of a lava lamp with the high tech luxury of a hands-free auto-fill bubbler.
Put your feet up, kick back, relax, and enjoy the smoothest water-cooled vapor with the latest release from Pulsar Vaporizers. Whether customers prefer wax concentrates or 510 cartridges - or want the freedom to use either without switching devices - the Sipper gives cool, filtered hits at the touch of a button.

Turn on the hands-free auto mode and let the Sipper do the work, as the pump draws vapor into the borosilicate glass bubbler chamber. The vapor-filled bubbler cup then disconnects from the base, letting users sip in style during a solo sesh or put a futuristic twist on puff puff passing with friends.

The Sipper kit includes a stainless steel dab tool for loading the wax atomizer with the perfect dose. Switch to the 510 connector instead, which accepts most 0.5mL and 1mL carts with 510 threading, for a carefree cartridge experience. An LED light around the touchpad power button does double duty as a battery life indicator and a voltage setting indicator, changing colour depending on which of the four preset voltages is selected. The Sipper includes a USB-C cable to recharge its 1500mAh battery, and has a 10-minute auto-shut off to extend battery life. Covered by a 1 year end user warranty.

Pulsar Sipper Features:
    Compatible with Concentrates
    Water-Cooled Vapor
    Hands-Free Auto-Fill Mode
    Multifunction: Works with Wax or 510 Cartridges
    Easy to Use One-Button Touchpad Interface
    Voltage Setting and Battery Level LED Indicator
    Variable Voltage 1500mAh Battery
    Triple Quartz Coil
    Includes Stainless Steel Dab Tool/Poker
    USB-C Charging
    1 Year End User Warranty

What's in the Box:
    1x - Pulsar Sipper Base
    1x - Borosilicate Glass Bubbler Cup
    1x - Airflow Valve
    1x - Atomizer/Cartridge Cover
    1x - Wax Atomizer with Triple Quartz Coil
    1x - 510 Connection
    1x - Stainless Steel Dab Tool/Poker
    1x - USB-C charging cable


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