DaVinci ARTIQ 510 Vaporizer


Introducing the ARTIQ 510 Vaporizer
The Next Generation for 510 cartridges

Compatible with standard 510 cartridges
Elongated Airpath Reduces Vapor Heat by 90%
Fully Concealed Chamber

Eliminate Hot Vapor
Delivering vapor that is on average 90% cooler, the ARTIQ extended airpath cools hot vapor back down to room temperature levels. During extensive testing, the average vapor temperature from ARTIQ was 84°F (28°C) vs 153°F (67°C) from top loading 510 devices

10 Second Preheat
Haptic Draw Feedback
Pass-Through Charging
3 Heat Modes
USB Type-C charging cable

Included in the box:
1X ARTIQ cartridge vaporizer
1X USB Type-C Cable
Cleaning tools
2x extra magnetic collars
2x extra gasket seals
1x User Manual

1 Year Standard Warranty