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DaVinci is one of the Original Vaporizers companies

The DaVinci IQ is the culimination of years of efforts and it delivered. Compact, top quality materials, good air flow and good vapor production. Everything you could want in a higher end portable vaporizer. The only real negatives were reliability issues that needed to be worked out and the battery did not last long. Luckily the battery was easily swappable and external chargers were available.

The IQ got a few upgrades including an upgrade to the IQ2. While maybe not worthy of a V2, it did have some nice upgrades on the vapor front including adjustable air flow.

The Miqro was released to address the lighter users on a tighter budget. Similar design to the IQ, it was much smaller and a lot cheaper. The vapor production was not good enough for heavier users but for those looking for stylish and extra small, it delivered.

In 2021, they released the IQ-C. Same style, same good vapor, more affordable and USB-C charging.

The Original DaVinci vaporizer, a truly classic herbal portable vaporizer. It was easy to use, reliable and produced pretty good vapor. The Ascent was their 2nd vaporizer. The goal is the Ascent was good airflow and monster battery life. The vapor was smooth and it did last a long time between charges. The vapor production itself could have been better but it was a good portable overall.