May Giveaway - Solo II Vaporizer

May Giveaway - Solo II Vaporizer
We received our Solo II and decided we had to give one away.
The sequel to one of the best sellers vaporizer, we knew you would want one.

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The Solo II Portable Vaporizer is here

The Arizer Solo II Portable Vaporizer has arrived

The Arizer Solo is considered one of the best vaporizers ever made. Easy to use, solid design, long lasting battery, affordable, good vapor. Everything you needed from a portable vaporizer.  Fast forward, you now have a true sequel, the Solo II vaporizer.

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If you love the Solo V1 and know you want the Solo V2


What's Happening in May

~  April showers delivering May flowers a plenty!  ~

Hello Vapor Enthusiast!

We are happy to congratulate Rick P from Brantford, Ontario as the winner of April's giveaway - DaVinci IQ prize pack! Check out the DaVinci IQ here

Stay tuned, our May giveaway will be announced this weekend! 
Mother's day is coming up this month, sending love to all the mothers out there. Not sure what to get your mom for mother's day?  Check this out.

May also means the warm weather is just around the corner! Get your hands on one of these great portable units perfect to bring along whatever adventures you'll be hitting up!

We will be away May 19th & 22nd for the long weekend, but our shop is open as always. Orders placed during this time will be processed on May 23rd/24th.

As always, we are here to help you select a vaporizer that will fit your needs, call
or email us with your questions!

We look forward to continue providing you with excellent service!

April Giveaway

IQ Portable Vaporizer by Da Vinci Giveaway

April at

Hello Vapor Enthusiasts!

April is here! We've enjoyed a wonderful winter but spring is most welcome! This month we are giving away an IQ portable vaporizer by DaVinci. The friendly folks at DaVinci sent us a cool prize package to giveaway and we are excited to be sharing it with you all!

Enter for your chance to win here IQ GIVEAWAY

April is Autism Awareness month. Autism is a cause very near and dear to our hearts and we encourage you to learn more about Autism. If you know a family affected by Autism the best thing you can do is offer support. Even taking the child to the park or for an afternoon drive will do more for that family than you can imagine.

We are very happy to announce that we have finalized the process with Blue Cross Insurance to offer direct claims for vaporizers to veterans clients insured with Blue Cross who have been prescribed medical cannabis. 

We are currently creating our 4/20 sale, check back later in the month for some great deals!

April will be a busy month and we look forward to continue providing our customers with excellent service! As always, we are here to help you with selecting a vaporizer that will work for you, call or email us with your questions!


February at

This month we're happy to be giving away a vape that's been around for some time. It's solid, Canadian Made and one that delivers the goods. We're giving away an Extreme Q with lots of extras. Valued at over $260 this package includes everything you need and more! With the Extreme Q you'll be set with an awesome desktop.

February Giveaway

We have some high performance vapes on sales this month too! The Herbalizer, the Vapir Prima and the Utillian 720.

These sales end on February 14th, so get yours quick!!

We also have some site wide coupons...

Stay tuned for more later this month!

Oh before I go....lets spread some love this month and share your favorite vape on Instagram. Tag us and use hashtag #vapeLove

See you online!



Cleaning Supplies for your Vaporizer


Getting the best usage from your vaporizer requires a thorough cleaning. You can tell when your vaporizer needs a cleaning when it becomes hard to hit and tastes off. The longer you hold off, the more build up gets trapped inside. Waiting too long will make it impossible to inhale any smoke, wasting your money and time. After a proper cleaning, you can expect each hit to be smoother and stronger. Here are some products to help get the effective cleaning your vaporizer needs:

  • Orange Chronic CleanerThis liquid cleaning solution can be applied directly to all vaporizers and accessories. It provides the most potent and effective cleaning, leaving nothing but a refreshing scent behind. With no scrubbing or waiting, it’s the most convenient vaporizer cleaner. If you’re like me and hate waiting afterwards, this product is right for you!
  • Cleaning Brushes Cleaning brushes are a standard cleaning tool for your vaporizer. Paired with a cleaning solution, you’ll be able to scrub until reaching perfection. This is a good choice for people with a low budget and/or are using a solution that can’t provide an effective cleaning alone.
  • NoGoo Nonstick Vape Scrape ToolThis tool is designed to fit inside most pens. It’s intended to maneuver material while avoiding breaking the heating element. It comes standard with silicone tips that are capable of withstanding up to 450°.
  • VapeTool Cleaning KitThis 4-pack of stainless steel tools is packaged in a plastic tube. The kit includes a spatula, spoon, chisel, dabber, and poker. It’s perfect for working with concentrates and is dual sided for multipurpose uses. Perfect cleaning starter pack for your vaporizer.
  • Magic Flight Cleaning Brush This brush is specifically for gently cleaning your screen. It should only be used for cleaning when the screen is cool (not warm).
  • Metal Cleaning Sticks (Ridged) The ridges on these sticks make it easier to clean out any gunk trapped inside. Good for when there’s a large amount of build-up.

Cleaning your vaporizer is a must if you want to have clean and strong hits. features all of these products and more. Our company has been helping people switch to vapor and providing a large selection of high quality vaporizers through our online store. Visit to view our cleaning tools and other products, or contact us if you need help deciding which products are best for you.

Vaporizers: Pick the One that Fits Your Needs

Arizer Air Vaporizers

If you’re interested in getting started with vaping, you may not know what options you have. Maybe you’re just looking to experiment with a new vaporizer. No matter what the situation is, we've selected a few types of vaporizers that you might be interested in learning more about. Find out more about the choices available to you.


Portable Vaporizers

If you like to vape on the go, a portable vaporizer is good choice. We recommend getting one of the following models if you like to vape when you are at the bar, attending a concert or sporting event, or in any social setting. The Arizer Air or the Vapir Prima are both good options when you want something you can easily take with you from place to place.


Desktop Vaporizers

If you enjoy vaping in your home office or frequently vape in one room, you should consider getting a desktop vaporizer. These are more permanent fixtures, although they can be moved if needed. An alternative to the more well-known portable models, there are many options for desktop vaporizers. If you want a high-end vaporizer, try the VapirRise Vaporizer 2.0 or—for a hands-free experience—try Da Buddha.


Oil Vaporizers

One benefit of going with oil vaporizers is that they cut down on irritation to your lungs, throat, and mouth. The irritation is reduced because cannabis and other herbs are less harmful when in vapor form, rather than when smoked. If you prefer oil vaporizers, are looking to branch out, or are trying to reduce irritation from smoke, try the Dr. Dabber Ghost—the original low-heat vaporizer pen made specifically for oils and waxes—or the KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer, which includes a 10-second auto-shutoff safety feature.


No matter what you’re looking for in a vaporizer, you’re bound to find one with the features you want. When you’re ready to pick out a new one, visit our website. We know vaporizers! has been providing Canada and the US with high-quality vaporizers since 2004. With such a wide selection to choose from, we can make recommendations for you and help you choose the right one based on your preferences. If you have questions about how they work, want to learn more about the warranty options, or are interested about learning more about the vapor aroma blends that we offer, you can easily contact us by phone, by email, or by filling out our contact form!

How to use screens in your Arizer aroma tubes

Hello Vapers! We have had a few requests for instructions on how to use screens in the Arizer aroma tubes for the Arizer Air and the Arizer Solo so we've put together a tutorial for you!

NOTE: these screens are not Arizer screens, they are something we added based on customer feedback.


Step One
You will need an aroma tube, a screen and the glass tool.
How to install screens in the aroma tube Step 1

Step 2
Place the screen into the opening of the aroma tube where you place the herb and push it in with the end of the glass tool.
How to install screens in the aroma tube Step 2

Step 3
Voila! The screen is in place and you are ready to fill with your preferred herb blend.
How to install screens in the aroma tube Step 3

We hope quick tutorial has helped you!
If you have any comments or questions, please post below!

Is Vaping a Better Alternative to Smoking?

Woman vaping at a cafe enjoying flowers in a vase on the table

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States alone, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure.

Despite the health risks and possibly fatal consequences, it can be difficult to quit smoking because it’s highly addictive and can become a comforting habit for some. E-cigarettes, or vaporizers, are an increasingly popular alternative to smoking, but is vaping really better?

The Dangers of Cigarettes

When you smoke, you inhale tar that includes carcinogens, chemicals, and other dangerous components like nicotine and carbon monoxide. Smoking can cause a variety of illnesses ranging in severity from a minor cough to terminal cancer. Smoking also increases the risk for coronary heart disease, stroke, blood vessel damage, and more.

Although it is well-established and widely known that smoking cigarettes is dangerous, they are still widely legal and available across the entire world.

The Scoop on Vaporizers

The biggest health and safety concern surrounding vaporizers is that the flavored liquids and blends that are used will sometimes contain nicotine--an ingredient also found in cigarettes. There are also concerns with some makes and models that use combustion to heat the liquids because the combustion process may release formaldehyde, benzene, and tobacco-specific nitrosamines.

Despite the concerns that some may have surrounding e-cigarettes and vaporizers, they are generally considered significantly safer than traditional cigarettes. There are liquids and blends available that contain no nicotine as well as models that do not use combustion to heat the liquid. Additionally, e-cigarettes and vaporizers may help smokers quit cigarettes completely!

In addition to being safer than traditional cigarettes, vaporizers can be used for aromatherapy which, according to an article published by the Mayo clinic, may provide benefits such as:

  • Relief from anxiety and depression.
  • Improved quality of life, particularly for people with chronic health conditions.

However, despite their seemingly safer qualities, because they are relatively new to many, vaporizers and e-cigarettes are not as readily available as their dangerous counterparts.

Vaporizers for Aromatherapy

At, we offer a large selection of good aromatherapy vaporizers including Arizer, Da Buddha, Vapir, Mighty, Crafty, Utillian, and more! With an office in Ottawa, Canada, you can stop by to pick up your order, or have it shipped direct to you. Visit us at to shop, view resources, and get in touch today.

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