Our choice for must watch movie for entrepreneurs

Our choice for must watch movie for entrepreneurs

Damon IOct 31, '19

We recently submitted our choice for must watch entrepreneur movie to Signature Video Group:

“Having a business is never easy, as failing is simply part of learning the business process. Finding a business movie that teaches how to be a good, ethical business person is hard to come by, however, one that does so is Joy. The movie does a good job of showing you the struggles when starting a business, as well as the lack of support you’ll have at the beginning.

Joy also inspires you to persevere and to keep fighting no matter the situation you’ve found yourself in. It’s a given that you’ll hit some roadblocks on your journey, but it’s how you find a way to hurdle them that will lead you to success. The movie also deals with maintaining your business once you have succeeded and working on that next big idea — something which a lot of business movies miss. If you want a true story about the average person going from a basic life into the business world, Joy is definitely worth checking out.”

For their full list of 20 movies, click here.


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