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Stephanie ISep 23, '19
We created our company Vaporizers.ca back in 2005 with our primary goal to help others find a healthier alternative to smoking. The bad side effects of smoking had already had a negative effect in our personal lives. When we found vaporizers we knew we had to bring this to the Canadian market and help as many people as we could. And we did. We have helped tens of thousands of Canadians switch from smoking to vaporizing or skip smoking altogether and begin their journey into herbal use with a vaporizer.

Our main focus has always been herbal vaporizers and it will remain so. Vaporizing natural plants, leaves and flowers from regulated sources is the safest method. We offer high quality herbal / flower vaporizers from major brands like Arizer, Linx, Storz & Bickel, VapeXhale and Zeus. Quality parts, well made vaporizers you can be confident in.

The recent news of lung issues associated with vaping is of concern to many. The exact cause is still being investigated, early reports suggest they are linked to illegally produced vape cartridges. The current cases are exclusively linked to e-liquids and vaping liquids / concentrates.

We do offer a smaller selection of concentrate vaporizers and a couple dedicated to liquids. We do not offer any form of eqliuid or nicotine products. This has never been and never will be a focus of ours and we have no plans to ever offer nicotine. We are herbal advocates; the unaltered, from the ground, plant products. We will always recommend clients use herbs or flowers in their natural form.

Stephanie & Damon

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