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Linx is a company that is serious about their vaporizers.
They make quality products that deliver good clean vapor.

For Dry Herb vaporizers, they have the Linx Gaia and the  Linx Eden

The Gaia was their first Dry Herb Vaporizer and still stands up today. Digital Temp Control, Glass Mouthpiece, Smooth Vapor, Solid Build, everything you need.

The Eden is a high quality compact herbal vaporizer at a value price ($99 USD, $129 CAD). Metal casing, Quartz Heating Chamber, Glass Mouthpiece, Single Button, mostly convection vapor. Everything you want from a good vaporizer at a price you can afford. Lava plates included for optional wax use.

For Oils (any viscosity), the Hermes 3 is your best choice.
Ceramic heating element, glass tank, stainless steel shell and mouthpiece.

For Extracts and Waxes, check out the Linx Ember, Hypnos Zero, Linx Ares and Linx Blaze. The Ember is their most affordable wax vaporizer, does a good job while still at a good price. The Hypnos zero is the higher end, a high quality pen style vaporizer that delivers.