Zeus Arc GT Portable Vaporizer - 10 Month Update

Zeus Arc GT Portable Vaporizer - 10 Month Update

Damon IAug 20, '19

We have had our Zeus Arc GT 10 months now, since October 2018. It is still one of our main go to portable vaporizers. The unit is in great shape, the battery life is still impressive, the vapor production is very good.
Cleaning has been very important, for both vapor production and taste. The top mouthpiece has needed regular cleaning, no surprise there. Every part for the mouthpiece is easily cleanable and we have had no issue cleaning it with our brushes, cleaning sticks and cleaners.
The flow sink at the bottom was a bit more complicated but still easy overall. We have only replaced it once so far but we recommend more often if you use your Zeus Arc GT daily or multiple times a day. Air flow is one of the key components to good vapor and without a good flow sink, you don’t get good air flow. The process of removing it was a bit harder once it was gunked up but with some extra heating and muscle, we were able to remove it. The new flow sink went in easily, we noticed a big improvement once replaced.
Our latest cleaning requirement was the bowl itself. It had built up resin and an overall not great taste. We used some paper towel and cleaner, pushed it in tight, let it sit, removed. The bowl became a nice gold again and the good taste returned.
Provided you keep up with your regular maintenance, the Arc GT will continue to deliver a good vapor experience.
Overall, we have had no issues with our Zeus Arc GT and we are very happy with it.

Damon & Stephanie

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