Canada Post shipping rate increase

Damon IMay 15, '19

May 2019

We have had to increase our shipping rates.

We try our best to delay increasing as long as possible but at a certain point we are unable to absorb Canada Post's increases. There have been 3 Canada Post increases since our last increase.

Our basic expedited shipping went up between $0.50 and $1.00. Express Post stayed the same for most places and we did not increase our Priority rates.

Ontario and Quebec is now $7.49 for basic shipping, our lowest shipping cost to Ontario is $8.62. Those are the rates to places like Toronto and Ottawa. We get a slightly better price to Quebec due to our proximity to the border but Montreal still costs us $8.07. Rural Ontario and Quebec is over $11 and farther away increases the cost even more.

For BC and Alberta, basic rates are now $10.95. We really didn't want to go above $10 but our cost is now $13.07 to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Northern BC and Rural Alberta costs us over $15 now.

Atlantic Canada increased to $10.49 for basic shipping, our cost is $12.30 to Moncton, Charlettown and Halifax. Newfoundland stays the same at $10.95.

USA shipping rates have not increased much, we did not need to increase our USA rates.

We understand shipping costs do go up, we aren't sure what the breaking point will be.

Sorry for the bad news.

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