Zeus Arc and Zeus Arc GT

Damon INov 17, '18

The Zeus Arc and Arc GT are the latest vaporizers from Zeus Arsenal.

We were truly surprised at how big a step up the Zeus Arc is.
The retail kit is very nice, attractive box and everything you need. The manual combined with being super easy to use means that every type of user can enjoy the Zeus Arc. The kit is fairly complete with charging cable, a glass spacer and some cleaning supplies. The Arc uses micro USB charging and features a metal tool secured by a magnet, nice touch.

The Arc unit itself is a truly impressive vaporizer in a compact yet tough design. You can tell when you put it in your hand that it is a well built vaporizer. The Zeus Arc GT features a gold chamber and all gold vapor path, the Zeus Arc uses Stainless Steel. The LED lights are nice and simple, the haptic feedback means you only need to look for the lights when you want to. The cool down to save your herbs motion detector is a good bonus feature.
The  vapor is top notch, very consistent and plenty of it. We enjoy the entire session and found that in most cases the herb was a nice uniform color. Definitely one of the better vapor experiences we have had using a portable. The air flow is good, what would be expected from a smaller sized unit.  The top load design combined with the innovative mouthpiece makes for an easy load and inhale process. Featuring 3 temperatures, the average heat up time is a reasonable 80 seconds. We found the vapor very consistent which is helped by a slower heating process.
The battery time is up to  90 minutes depending on temperature selected which is very impressive for a unit of the Arc's size. That means less time on the charger and more time vaping. Light to medium users only have to charge every few days while heavier users will have plenty of time before going back on the charger. The battery is built in and not meant to be swapped out unless for warranty purposes.
Cleaning the unit is overall very easy and you can always replace the top mouthpiece when the time comes. The chamber screen at the bottom is not that easy to access but it doesn't need nearly as much cleaning as the top. The Arc care kit has everything you need maintenance wise, it is available separately.

Compact and tough
Top Load Design
Very good and consistent vapor
Single button operation
Haptic Feedback and Motion Sensor
Built-in tool
USB Charging

We are ultra impressed with the Zeus Arc; we can see how much time, effort and thought was put into the final product. Zeus delivered a great vaporizer that produces consistently good vapor in an ultra small package. The bowl size is plenty big and cleaning is overall easy. We really like the mouthpiece design and the tool has come in handy. The battery time is plenty long enough and the slightly longer heat up time is worth it for the smooth consistent vapor. We have nothing but good things to say about the Arc, Zeus did a great job and we will no question be adding it to our personal portable collection going forward. 

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