4 Recommended Vape Wax Pens

4 Recommended Vape Wax Pens

Damon IAug 10, '19

Wax vape pens have improved a lot over the years.
Longer lasting batteries, better vapor, higher quality parts, more durable atomizers.

Here are 4 recommended wax pens.

Utillian 5 Wax Pen: $89.99 CAD

utillian 5 black

The Utillian 5 Wax Pen features a massive 1050mah battery, 4 heat settings, 2 black ceramic coils for better extraction, a usb charging port and is an absolute workhorse. Featuring an optional water bubbler to help cool your vapor experience.

Puffco Plus V2 Wax Pen: $119.95 CAD

puffco plus v2

Simple construction and unique features makes the Puffco Plus an essential tool for the connoisseur on the go. The chamber is all-ceramic, delivering optimal flavor, and coil-less achieving even heat distribution, effortless cleaning and improved durability. The mouthpiece houses a removable ceramic loading tool with a convection cap minimizing splash back and efficiently retains oils.

G Pen Nova LX Wax Pen: $79.95 CAD

gpen nova lxe
The Nova LXE’s crowning achievement lies in the core of its full-ceramic atomizer, where a patented reverse airflow and ‘check’ ball valve system generate complete and balanced heat to concentrates, providing big vapor at a great price point.

Kandy Gravity Wax Pen: $74.95

kandy gravity

Old School Pen, small and lightweight, reliable and simple to use. Comes with two coils, you can’t go wrong with the Gravity.

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