Oil Vapes and Vaporizers, the selection is getting good

The first vaporizer we had that could handle oils was the Volcano. It wasn't a dedicated oil vaporizer, you could switch between a screen for plants or a liquid pad for oils, it was that easy. It did the job, especially for thinner essential oils that were easily vaporized. there are other hybrid vaporizers that do both or attachments available for vaporizers that are primarily designed for plants. In 2012, we got our first oil pen vaporizers in, the G Pen by Grenco Science. A decent pen vaporizer at a good price, the negative being they didn't last as long as people wanted. They did offer a $40 Essential Oil Glass Tank that worked great and lasted a long time but it was not included standard and most people didn't want to shell out the extra money for them. In 2013, we got our first two high end oil vapes in, the Omicron Oil Vaporizer and the Persei Oil Vaporizer. For vapor enthusiasts that were serious about using oils, these vaporizers delivered the goods. We now had a good selection of hybrid vaporizers (Volcano, VapirRise, DaVinci and more), a pen vaporizer and some high end oil vaporizers. All we needed was a better pen vaporizer and we got it, the 710 Pen Vapes. Now we had a sub $100 pen vape that had tanks that would last a reasonable time. We are sure there will be more advancements in the future and we look forward to being a part of it.

Direct Warranty and Manufacturer Warranty

There are two types of warranty, direct dealer warranty and through the manufacturer warranty. Both types have their benefits and negatives. With a direct dealer warranty, you can deal with the company you bought the item from and you sometimes get faster service. The negative is that if the dealer is not good with service, you could be looking at a delay or a possible reject / buck pass. In those cases, the clients only hope is that a manufacturer will make an exception and handle the warranty.

With a manufacturer warranty, clients deal directly with the manufacturer for all warranty support. The benefit to this warranty is that a client can be more guaranteed support and if the manufacturer goes down a dealer wouldn't honor the warranty anyway. Most dealers prefer this type of warranty for obvious reasons, it makes their life easier.

Normally the type of warranty is set by the manufacturer. At we have quite a few vaporizers that we support directly like the Vapir No2 and VapirRise, the Arizer Vaporizers - the Solo, Extreme Q and V-Tower. While at the same time we have manufacturers who prefer to handle it themselves like Ogeslby's iolite and WISPR2 vaporizers. When you buy from us, whether its a direct or manufacturer warranty, we are here to help. For direct, we'll take care of you ourselves. For manufacturer, we'll tech support you and then help you contact the manufacturer for support.

A lot of dealers do not offer direct warranty or tech support. At, we believe keeping our clients happily vaporizing is key to our success. So whether we help you with the warranty process when dealing with a manufacturer or whether we handle your warranty directly, we are here to help. We want to make sure our clients are taken care of long term, that's very important to us.

Authorized and reputable dealers: Its always a good idea to buy from a dealer that will support you regardless of how strong the manufacturer warranty is. At, we have 7 years of experience and we deal with a lot of manufacturers directly, our experience and direct relationships will help ensure you have a good experience with us.

Why we love the VapirRise

The VapirRise is a great vaporizer, we absolutely love it.


Why do we love it? The answer is easy. It not only delivers everything you could want in a desktop but it does it at a price that the majority of people can afford. We first got to try the VapirRise back in May, we had one of the first units available rushed to us in Toronto so we could demo it at the Treating Yourself Expo. We then of course got to bring it back to the hotel with us every night to use ourselves. The retail kit itself was really well done, the unit looked great, top quality parts, everything was there. The manual was very easy to follow and fairly well done. Our first direct flow session really impressed us. Everything fit together so easily and it heated up in no time. Within 2 minutes we were blowing out nice clouds of vapor with nice assistance from the fan. Thanks to a highly adjustable fan speed, you can have a bit of help or a lot of help. After that, we got out the bag and gave that a go. It filled up with nice substantial vapor and then we sat back and inhaled. No question one of the best bag systems we have ever used and it had an on/off switch, what more could we ask for. A truly amazing first experience for us despite 8 years of using vaporizers. It was almost as good as our very first Volcano bag, back in 2004. For $249.99, the VapirRise truly delivers. It is our current #1 overall preferred desktop. We love it. :)

The best vaporizer

Any company or review site that tries to say there is one best vaporizer doesn't know enough about vaporizers or has a serious ego, its that simple. First off, there is the desktop vs portable, not everyone needs a portable. Then there is the hybrids that do both plug in and portable. Then there is one extra important thing that we ALWAYS factor in, a good value for our customers money. You can't charge 3 times as much as your competition, have less features and still be considered the best overall, we're looking at you Volcano. Don't get us wrong, the Volcano is a great bag filler but if you consider $600 a lot for a vaporizer, there are many other options. For us, the best vaporizer is always case specific. Every client has different needs and there is normally a best vaporizer for them, possibly even a best combo of two different vaporizers. The first question you need to ask yourself is do I need portable. If the answer is no, look at a desktop like the Extreme Q, VapirRise or if you can afford it, the Volcano. The Extreme Q and Rise are excellent units that are affordable and work very well. If you do need a portable, do you need something super small like the Magic Flight. Or would you rather have a bit bigger unit for around the house like the Vapir NO2 that's still very portable while extra easy to use in AC mode. For oil users, the Persei is a great choice but if they can't afford it, there is the Omicron or even the sub $100 pen vaporizers. There are lots of options and we understand it can be confusing. We will have our top recommendations for categories like portable vaporizers coming soon. In the mean time, if you need help, you can always email us at Thanks!

Inhalater, the comeback company

Inhalater is a Canadian vaporizer company from Quebec that makes a good portable vaporizer. They have been refining their vape for many years, starting with a fairly basic model until the release of their streamlined Inhalater vaporizer. Worked well, was easy to use, very few problems. It was early 2013 and Inhalater decided that their unit was good but could be better. They wanted it smaller and to be more efficient. A good idea but only if you can pull it off. After some testing, they decided the Inhalater XP was ready and they discontinued the original model. Unfortunately the first batch of XPs were not as reliable as they had hoped and reworking needed to be done. After months of delays for various reasons, in August 2013 Inhalater finished their XP and released limited units. After initial tests and units going to clients, it looks like they have worked things out. They still need time to get back to where they need to be production wise but to still pull it off in the end, amazing. Shows you, if you can afford to keep both product lines going until you are sure the new one is good, do that. Otherwise, hold on as best you can until you get the new product right. The toughest part of switching product lines is now done, here's hoping they keep things going for years to come. Congrats to Inhalater for getting the XP to market.

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We have been selling vaporizers a long time and we are glad to be able to finally share some of that extra information and stories behind some of the products. News updates from the vaporizer world including new models or even shortage information. Anything a potential vaporizer client or a vaporizer enthusiast would possibly be interested in reading.

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