what's new in 2014?

62113483Feb 28, '14
2013 was a great year for vaporizers. Mainstay vaporizers like the Volcano and Extreme Q continued to impress. While the Arizer Solo got a late 2013 upgrade allowing charging and use at the same time Storz & Bickel's direct flow Plenty vaporizer was a big hit among the more serious vaporizer users. Finally customers could get a direct flow vaporizer with the Storz & Bickel name and quality backing it up. The VapirRise took the desktop market by storm, offering a top notch bag system and really good direct flow for $249. Every feature you could possibly want, high quality parts at an affordable price, a 4 person adapter and an on/off bag system. Magic Flight continued to add to their product line with the Cherry and Walnut Series. They then gave us the laser etch including the very popular tree series. They even came up with a high end wooden finishing grinder that just works great. A truly awesome company that manages to keep surprising us with their innovations. Look out for the Maud-Dib dedicated oil/extract vaporizer from Magic Flight in Q2 2014. Vapor Blunt decided to get really serious about portable vaporizers and released 3 portables in 2013. The Vapor Blunt 2.0, the sequel to their original vaporizer. They also released the Pinnacle and Pinnacle Pro, all 3 units met with overall success. Good vapor production, affordable, portable, reasonably long lasting batteries. They even entered the value vaporizer market with the Palm. While we aren't overly happy with the Palm we are quite happy with their higher end portables. Their water tools have been a bit short supplied but other than that, they did a great job in 2013. miniVAP increased their presence in North America in 2013, making their high end 3-4 hour battery portable more easily available to Canadian and American customers. It's still on the pricey side but if you are a serious vapor enthusiast and want a truly high end portable, the miniVAP is a great choice. The Ascent by the makers of the DaVinci got everything figured out late 2013 and released some units. They are now increasing supply and it should definitely be a portable vaporizer to reckon with in 2014. Ogelsby and Butler, makers of the iolite, worked out all the bugs and released their WISPR2. Finally a true successor to their ultra popular iolite butane series. While the WISPR1 did have issues, we are happy to report that the WISPR2 has been solid. Oil vaporizers became more popular and readily available in 2013. G Pen was one of the first we offered, good vapes but the tanks are a bit weak, we recommend clients get their higher end tanks. We also got the Omicron and Persei from Delta 9 Labs, truly high end oil vaporizers. We also added the 710s, affordable pens with tanks that are more reliable than the G Pens. Major companies like Vapir even added oil chambers to their new unit the VapirRise showing that oils and essential oils are becoming more common. We expect plant based vaporizers to continue to dominate but there will be a growing oil vaporizer market in years to come. In 2014, look for even more new units from already established companies and from new companies. There is good signs Vapir will release a new portable, the Ascent will be readily available through most channels, Firefly's portable is coming soon, Magic Flight has the Maud-Dib and we are sure that Inhalater has something in the works. 2014 will be a great year for portables and established desktops / plugins. Units that have proven themselves and newcomers ready to show off to the world. We will post news on our blog, post reviews and do our best to collect feedback from our great clients. Keep watching our blog and our web page for all the latest in vaporizers. Thanks for reading, your time is truly appreciated. - See more at: http://vaporizers.ca/blogs/news/11913669-2013-was-a-great-year-for-desktop-and-portable-vaporizers-looking-ahead-in-2014#sthash.cHL49iRy.dpuf

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