Inhalater INH05 vaporizer review, a truly impressive portable vape

Damon ISep 8, '14

The Inhalater INH05 is the culmination of 6 years of development.
It is improvement on the XP and previous Inhalater vaporizers in every way.

The unit is small and compact, we are very impressed with how small the unit is. Dimension wise, the unit is 5.5” (13.97CM) tall by a 1” (2.54CM) diameter, the unit is a cylinder. It is lightweight, coming in at 84 grams yet it still feels solid. The unit uses a nice blue led light and is charged with USB.
The heat time is fast, you'll be close to heat in 30 seconds and vaping in under 1 minute. At first the vapor production takes a bit to get going but after everything is nicely heated, it produces some good vapor. We found setting 5.5-6 to be ideal for high end temps (similar to what the auto setting does), the unit itself never got too hot to handle during our tests . We were very impressed with how well the heat was insulated from the user, one of the Inhalaters best features.
The taste could be better but it's good enough for a small portable. ‎For those of you who prefer cool vapor, consider a water tool or longer tube. We attached a six inch tube to the unit, wasn't included, and it was night and day.
The battery time is over an hour, they estimate up to 10 X 9 minute sessions (max of 90 minutes). For a unit as small as the Inhalater INH05 is, we are very happy with the length of time the battery lasts. The INH05 also has a use replaceable battery, a really nice feature that a lot of portables don’t offer.

Compact and Lightweight
Easy to Use
Fast heat up time
Unit doesn’t get too hot
Fairly long lasting replaceable battery
Canadian company

Taste / Vapor can be a bit harsh
- a non issue with the longer tube

Conclusion: For a fit in your pocket easy to use vaporizer, the Inhalater inh05 gets top marks. ‎Compact, fast heat up time, good battery length, easy to use, solid, good vapor production, the works. If you are looking for a good portable, the inhalater inh05 delivers big time. We highly recommend it to all clients looking for a compact battery based portable vaporizers.






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