What is MAP?

62113483Feb 28, '14
There are a lot of dealers talking about MAP and we get quite a few questions about it. Quite a few manufacturers in the vaporizer industry set MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICES. That means a company can't advertise a price lower than that minimum. If they do, there can be consequences like no warranty support or a dealer could potentially have supply issues. Some manufacturers, like Storz & Bickel (Volcano), enforce their MAP pricing very seriously. Where as H Aire for example does not set any minimum price. Dealers are free to sell at whatever price they want and the clients still get warranty. We personally prefer to work WITH the manufacturers instead of AGAINST them. We want to make sure that we have good relationships and our clients get taken care of. How do dealers sell below MAP and get away with it? Free Markets are very hard to control, even on a minimum price basis. Its almost impossible to truly control a market pricing wise. - See more at: http://vaporizers.ca/blogs/news/10425889-map-minimum-advertised-price#sthash.BfsyQdRQ.dpuf

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