Box Vaporizers

62113483Feb 28, '14
Box vaporizers The year is 2013 and companies like us are still offering Box vaporizers, a vaporizer style that was created nearly a decade ago. The simple reason is this, some people like a very simple design and as long as it delivers vapor, they are happy. Box vaporizers may not have many features, they are direct flow only but they are affordable and work. A box, a heater, a glass whip, a tube and mouthpiece to inhale from, that's all you need. They all require a burn in time before use to get rid of any smells but other than that, you are good to go. We have been offering the Vapor Box and Daddy Deluxe for many years now, our customers are happy with them.  Both units have a very high satisfaction rate, we have had a few defective units over the years of course but a very low % overall. In the end, they delivered a good vapor experience and had no issues with taste or vapor delivery, all that matters. A few years back, a new box came on the market called the Easy Vape. We were very hesitant to carry more a value priced box vaporizers and we had heard there were return issues. The good news is after a few years on the market and more experience, the Easy Vape is where they need to be in quality and reliability. We are happy to offer it to our clients as a true value option. The E.Z.V Digi is a pretty good quality box vaporizer that we are also offering now. Higher end than the Easy Vape, if you are looking for something just over $100, its a great choice. If you want an easy to use affordable desktop vaporizer, box vaporizers should be a consideration. Easy Vape Digital Box Vaporizer E.Z.V Digi Box Vaporizer Deluxe Daddy Box Vaporizer - See more at:

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