Herbalizer vaporizer review, from one of our clients

Damon IJul 26, '14
We'd like to thank Jeff for this Herbalizer review.
One of our loyal local clients who decided to take the plunge.
He is loving his Herbalizer and here is his detailed review:

The Herbalizer Review

I purchased the Herbalizer from vaporizers.ca about six weeks ago. The Herbalizer is no question an expensive vaporizer, the big question is it worth the price? My opinion is that it is based on the individual needs and what the intended use is.

I have tried a vaporizer once at a friend’s house. I was very unfamiliar and uneducated about expectations with this method of usage. I would initially say that I was not fascinated with the vapor experience, however, now that I have pursued this path and gained some knowledge, I feel that it is necessary to break from the method of combustion ‘smoke’.

I decided to purchase a vaporizer for the reasons of it being healthier than combustion, getting more out of the product, and the use of multiple products through vaporization.

Upon searching the internet for vaporizers, I came across the Vapir Rise. I was tempted to buy this product based on its price and reviews. It seemed like a fairly decent product for the price it was selling for. I was very close to the purchase of this product but I had to compare with other vaporizers.

I saw the Herbalizer and at the listed price it was out of the question. The price definitely did scare me out of reading the review initially and then when looking at it again I found myself skimming through the review because I was not going to seriously drop that money on a Herbalizer.

I decided to check out the Vape Critic’s review of the Herbalizer. Honestly, his review sold me to the product instantly. The only thing was the price and whether I could afford it. In my opinion, I had the money saved and I decided that by saving the product through vaporization, it would eventually pay itself off.

I wanted the best experience I could get and decided I was willing to pay a bit extra for a solid and beautiful device. I believed through the review that the Herbalizer was a new and revolutionary device breaking in the market and a challenge for the volcano.

Some things that sold me on the Herbalizer is that it does aromatherapy which my girlfriend as well as I have enjoyed equally as the performance of the vaporizing function. The second reason I was sold was how quick this device performs. I realized it would suddenly be annoying if it took 10 to 15 mins to warm up and use. A lot of time is wasted in smoking with packing the bowl and lighting. Other vaporizers took ten minutes to warm up. Using this device multiple times in a day adds up. The fact that the Herbalizer is ready and performing within ten seconds is amazing. I have constantly enjoyed that benefit as I live an active life. I can spend the day outside and minimally be in the house to consume a few bags or puffs of the whip.

I thought I had a whip style preference however I tend to use the bags more. The bags are good however they do not last and will eventually build up resin. At $35.00 for a set of 4, the bag attachments are expensive. I definitely have experience with the machine now and learned ways to make the bags last. It is important that when one is full, switch to another one and create a rotation so that they do not get hot which will faster cause breakage. Secondly, when the bag is set up, have it twisted and standing up so that the vapor easily goes in the bag. This easier and wider passage of air will reduce heat at the bag nearest to the spout. I imagine with these corrections I can stretch out bags to last almost a year and would probably recommend that if you rotate evenly between the four, replace the bags every 8 months.

The whip is silicon and feels professional. It is of perfect length and is enjoyable. The device is very simple and such a beautiful machine. Many messages are displayed on the machine as positive quotes such as Ghandi or suggestions of products and at what temperature or for what purpose.

The included DeFunk essential oil is amazing. Unfortunately it is quite often sold out, they definitely need to work on that.

It is a very beautiful vaporizer that looks like a medical device. I keep it on the stand by my bed and it looks nice. I enjoy that I can relax and use it instantly without having to hide and pull out this device.

I read that the cons of this device were few but that one thing was that the lid doesn’t fully close. The lid is perfect how it is: When the lid is closed, it looks nice. When it opens, it is steady and firm. Nothing with this device feels cheap to say the least and that is important considering the price. I was initially worried about the lid however once I own the device, I have come to understand that it is not needed and thankfully not included.

The display is crisp and definitely the best on the market.


Aromatherapy – Availability of up to 90 mins instead of 60 would be great.

Bags – Cheaper to replace the set

I am overall, extremely happy to own probably the best vaporizer on the market.


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